How do I apply for a grant?

We consider only those applications which are submitted through our online process (eGrant program).  After reviewing our funding areas of interest and restrictions, click here to begin the process.

How soon can I expect to receive a response?

Between the time you submit an application and the time you receive a decision and, where applicable, funding, it may be as long as six (6) to nine (9) months. We have three (3) deadlines, and our internal processes require about five (5) months from the deadline to the notification of grantees. Your attention to the instructions and to providing complete information will reduce the likelihood of any additional delays to the process.

If your need is more urgent than that, we recommend that you pursue other sources of funding for your project.

How large a request can I make?

Grants are typically between $10,000 and $25,000.  Funding requests for more than $25,000 will not be considered.

What are needs internal to a congregation and why do you not fund them?

Sometimes, when sisters hear about the Conrad N. Hilton Fund for Sisters, they assume that we award grants to congregations to help them care for their sisters and provide them with necessities such as health care, education, transportation, and housing. This is understandable; but, it is not the case. Though these needs are very real, and it is critically important for the Church and other organizations to address them, such is not the mission of the Conrad N. Hilton Fund for Sisters. We exclusively provide financial support for Catholic sisters’ apostolic direct service to underserved populations and vulnerable people.

What is the length of time that I have to spend the grant funds?

All grants are for a period of one (1) year from the date the board grants approval.

How do I apply for a “renewal” of my grant?

The Conrad N. Hilton Fund for Sisters does not renew a grant that has been given. Sisters may apply for the same project again after approval of the first grant but must start a new application using the same application process.

How often can my organization (project location) apply for a grant?

A project location is eligible to receive no more than two (2) grants within a period of ten (10) years. A subsequent application may not be submitted until after the completion of the tenth (10th) year.

Why do you only accept documents that are in English?

Our database must be in English for HFS staff to review your application. Many reports are generated from the data, and our data system cannot convert all the world’s languages. We have made every effort to assist sisters in more common languages, such as French and Spanish, to navigate our website.

We do not provide funding to include translation costs. If you need assistance, there are translation services available for non-profits that can be found using an internet search, or you can ask for guidance from your leadership conference.

If you do not fund my project, where else can I go for assistance?

We do not have staff who can provide research services.  We encourage you to search the web and other sources to find funding agencies.  Many agencies fund Catholic sisters and Catholic ministries.  Paid subscriptions to resources are available from The Catholic Funding Guide ( from FADICA (Foundations and Donors Interested in Catholic Activities) and The Mission Project Service Funding Guide (