Zambia 2014

Zambia Site Visits & ACWECA 16th General Assembly


Site Visit 1

OWDEC Farm in Chabona, 62 miles north of Lusaka

Sr. Chizo Chiedu, MSHR – Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary

Project #9030/’07 – $15K for seeds, fertilizer, livestock, transportation, stationery & stipends

Project #8722/’08-’10 – $30K for building materials, operating expenses, seeds & fertilizer

Project #12789/’13 – $10K for building materials, stationery, transportation & salaries

70% of people in Lusaka live in unplanned slums without basic services. Lusaka is one of the fastest growing cities in Southern Africa. Pop: 1.7 million+, Est. 1905


Life at OWDEC Farm

Only 2 men at OWDEC are able to read, write & speak English, even though English is the national language. The rest of the settlers are illiterate & communicate in Nyanja. The children walk to the nearest government school, 3 miles away.


Site Visit 2

Chililabombwe, in northern Zambia, on the border of Democratic Republic of Congo. Home to the largest open-pit copper mine in the world, Konkola Mines Plc.

Touring DRC Border & Chililabombwe with Sr. Josephine Mulenga, sfma – Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Assisi

Sr. Josephine has been in Chililabombwe just 2 years, but she already has many projects getting established: a nursery school, a farm, a nutrition program, a vocational training school & community outreach program. Sr. Josephine’s energy & enthusiasm for helping the poor is boundless!

Site Visit 3

St. Anthony’s Children’s Village in Ndola, 200 miles north of Lusaka

Sr. Philomena & Sr. Lucia, OP – Dominican Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus 


Project #5542/’05-’07 – $60K for food, supplies, educational materials & op expenses (matched by CNHF)

Project #9409/’09 – $15K for food, healthcare, education expenses & salaries

Project #9409-2/’12 – $7.5K for food, stipends & medicine

Dominican Projects in Ndola