Women, Children, and Families


Christ the Worker Home for Girls was founded in 2003 by the Missionary Friends of Christ the Worker.  Seeing the great needs of the girls, the Sisters saw that it was necessary to convert the school to a home for girls in order to provide therapy and aid in the girls’ human, physical and integral development. The girls come from homes where they suffer physical and sexual abuse, exhibit behavior disorders, and are influenced by poor example and/or use of drugs by family members.

The Sisters requested funds to purchase food, make a few small repairs to the house to keep it clean and to provide counseling services for the girls.

Because of the traumas the girls have experienced at such a young age, the Sisters believe that psychological help is a major component in their healing process. The goal is to provide an opportunity to break the cycle of maltreatment in order to adapt better in society.  A healthy diet is also key to a quick recovery.