Since its foundation in 1872, the Comboni Missionary Sisters (CMS) have promoted and supported social reintegration and education of women rescued from slavery.  During their 2010 CMS General Chapter, they reaffirmed that the emerging global issue of human trafficking is a priority that needs investment of resources.  Sisters from various regions, particularly Latin America and Europe, responded to the appeal and currently there are 23 Comboni Sisters working in this specific ministry.

The Sisters engaged in anti-trafficking ministry in 2014 and realized that the issue of people being trafficked is very complex and can be tackled only by creating a network among themselves and with other organizations committed in the same field. This encouraged them to start sharing information and best practices.

The Sisters requested funds for an 8 day training course, that was held in Kampala UGANDA from July 22nd to July 30th 2017. At the end, the participants learned how to collaborate with other organizations committed to anti-trafficking, to influence other people through the knowledge and skills gained from the anti-trafficking training course and to organize anti-trafficking activities in the projects where they are in charge.