Our Priorities

Alternative Energy

FEATURED PROJECT: Solar panels are a great benefit for the Daughters of Charity healthcare center in Cameroon. Solar energy provides lighting, which is critical for emergencies at night, and refrigeration to safely store vaccines and medicines.


FEATURED PROJECT: Since its foundation in 1872, the Comboni Missionary Sisters (CMS) have promoted and supported social reintegration and education of women rescued from slavery. During their 2010 CMS General Chapter, they reaffirmed that the emerging global issue of human trafficking is a priority that needs investment of resources. Sisters from various regions, particularly Latin

Clean Water / Food and Agriculture

(International Projects Only) FEATURED PROJECT: Chipole Farm produces food for the African Benedictine Sisters of St. Agnes Chipole and the people they serve, which includes poor students, orphans/vulnerable children, clients with HIV/AIDS, home-bound patients and hospital patients. Any available produce and livestock is sold to generate income. In order to continue serving the poor, the

Education / Communication

(International Projects Only) FEATURED PROJECT: The Tygon Preschool was founded in 2009 in an unused section of the house of the Daughters of Our Lady of the Visitation. At the time the school was established, there were 80 children. Today the number has almost doubled to 150 children. The children come from families of immigrants

Environmental Issues Affecting Quality of Life

FEATURED PROJECT: In June 2018, the Volcano de Fuego violently erupted in Guatemala, killing more than 70 people and displacing thousands from their homes. At least 192 people were missing and over 1.7 million people were affected by the volcano eruption in three central departments.


(International Projects Only) FEATURED PROJECT:  Since 1988, the Maestre Pie Venerini Sisters have been taking care of patients suffering from Hansen's disease. They currently care for 125 individuals. These patients need to live isolated from others, and are prohibited from finding work among the general population. For these reasons, and because of their fragile health


(USA Projects Only) FEATURED PROJECT: At the service of freedom, hope and redemption, Starfish Stories Inc. DBA The Francisco Homes (TFH) supports personal transformation and bringing healing to the community. The Daughters of Mary and Joseph began this service in 2007 as a project of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Office of Restorative Justice.

Immigrant / Refugee Services

FEATURED PROJECT:  The project is located in the southern region of Brazil where large numbers of Haitian and African refugees are arriving every day. The region is not ready to receive migrants and has little understanding of this great migratory flow, creating strong preconceptions and xenophobia in relation to foreign people. The Sisters of

Leadership Conferences

FEATURED PROJECT:  Despite hundreds of years of conflicts, religious sisters throughout Vietnam have increased to about 4,238 perpetually professed sisters; 3,735 temporary professed sisters; 1,014 novices; 1,088 postulants; and 3,106 aspirants. Few religious have received official formation and advanced education, and thousands of others are unable to do so because they do not have enough


(USA Projects Only) FEATURED PROJECT:  The Dominican Learning Center (DLC) began in 1994 with one student and six Sisters. Soon, many other students came to the Center because they wanted to improve their lives, get better jobs and provide a better quality of life for their families. The first Director, Sr. Marie Granger, OP, recognized