Immigrant / Refugee Services


The project is located in the southern region of Brazil where large numbers of Haitian and African refugees are arriving every day. The region is not ready to receive migrants and has little understanding of this great migratory flow, creating strong preconceptions and xenophobia in relation to foreign people. The Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo founded the “Tracking Service to Youth People” program in 1977, with the objective to accompany young people on their journey of faith and respond to the urgent need to prepare and support them in the appointment and promotion of migrant communities.

The services provided are: meeting of young people, leadership formation in the perspective of migration, visits to schools and groups of catechesis, awareness of young people and communities about the context of migration and social commitment, welcoming the migrant communities at arrival and integration of young people to the communities. The funds were used to carry out the activities of awareness with young people such as: visiting youth groups and communities and promoting meetings for sharing.

This project addresses the need to raise awareness to the migratory phenomenon, since this reality is increasing in the region. Leadership formation is also crucial at this time as it will extend the reach of the program to more people. It will greatly help the inculturation and integration of refugees and migrants.