*(International projects only)


Since 1988, the Maestre Pie Venerini Sisters have been taking care of patients suffering from Hansen’s disease.  They currently care for 125 individuals. These patients need to live isolated from others, and are prohibited from finding work among the general population. For these reasons, and because of their fragile health conditions and deformities, the Sisters have to travel to their colonies to meet their needs. The Sisters provide food, medicine and some clothing.  They also provide goats and chickens for the patients to raise.

In order to help these families cope with their hard life situations, the Sisters requested funds to purchase food, medicines, goats and chicks, and a portion of their vehicle maintenance for traveling.

The goal of this project was to provide appropriate food and medicine in order to improve the health of those suffering from Hansen’s disease and make their life conditions more bearable.  The grant was crucial for the well-being of these vulnerable people.