List of Restrictions

1. Funding requests for more than $25,000 will not be considered.
2. Funds are not granted to address needs internal to a particular congregation, such as:
  1. Formation programs, including both initial and ongoing programs
  2. Support of retired sisters
  3. Operation of a novitiate, motherhouse or retirement center
  4. Convent (sisters’ living quarters) construction or repairs
  5. Formal education of sisters
3. Funds are not granted for the following purposes:
  1. Construction
  2. Renovation costs that exceed $25,000
  3. Purchase of vehicles (with the exception of motorbikes and ambulances, funding contribution not to exceed $25,000)
  4. Compensation for any employee, sister or lay, of the organization and/or project. This includes salaries, stipends, honoraria, bonuses, incentives or any other kind of remuneration.
4. Funds are not granted to the following kinds of organizations or projects:
  1. Retreat or prayer centers, retreats or spirituality programs, catechetics or other evangelization projects.
  2. Diocesan or parish programs or schools in the United States or other countries with a ranking index of .7 or greater [Very High or High] on the United Nations Human Development Index.
  3. Well-established organizations with large operating budgets (more than $2,000,000)
  4. Payment of tuition or school fees of specific students
  5. Repayment of incurred debts
  6. Contributions to endowments or capital campaigns
  7. Purchase of land or buildings