Below is a checklist of the required documents and information needed to help you prepare your application, avoid common errors and delay in processing your request.  Incomplete applications will not be considered for funding.

Please DO NOT email any documents as separate attachments to the Hilton Fund for Sisters.  You MUST UPLOAD them in eGrant  and submit them together with your online Application.  To see instructions on how to upload documents in eGrant, click here.


 Letter of Support from Congregational Leader OR Member of Leadership Team                

  • Must be a scan of the original letter on congregational letterhead with stamp and handwritten signature in which she:
    • recommends your project for funding
    • verifies the names and roles of the sisters directly involved with the project
    • confirms the congregational bank account name and number
    • confirms that she has read the Memo of Understanding

Memo of Understanding for Congregational Leadership

  • You MUST give this document to your congregational leader or member of the leadership team for her review before she writes the letter of support.  This form may be downloaded from the Congregations Page of your eGrant application or by clicking here.

✅ Grant Budget  

  • List only items/services you plan to purchase with the grant funds you are requesting from the Hilton Fund for SistersThe total should equal your requested amount.  
  • Grants are typically between $10,000 and $15,000.  Funding requests for more than $15,000 will not be considered.
    • NOTE: Projects located in countries that are ranked “very high” on the Human Development Index generally receive no more than $10,000.  Click on the following link to find out where your country ranks:  Human Development Index.
  • A Supplemental Form, which may be downloaded from the Attachments Page of your eGrant proposal, is required for each of the following types of projects.  You may also download the forms by clicking here.

Estimate/Price Quote

  • Required only for each item that costs $1000 or more. This could be a copy of an estimate, a copy from a page on the internet, or any document showing proof of cost for any ONE item that is $1000 or more.

Income/Revenue & Expense Report

  • Do not include your HFS Grant Budget on this form
  • You must complete ALL three years of the income/expense report unless your organization is new.  
    • If it is new and was established this year after the month of January, complete the last column for Next Year.  This is the projected estimate of your income/expenses for one full 12-month period (e.g. February of this year to January of next year). The first two columns for Last Year and This Year should be left blank.
    • If it is new and was established in January of this year OR last year after the month of January, complete the last 2 columns for This Year and Next Year. This is the projected estimate of your income/expenses for two full 12-month periods.  The column for Last Year should be left blank.
  • Even if your organization operates on donations only, you must complete the non-cash contributions section of the Income/Expense Report with estimated amounts.
  • List name(s) of donor agencies and awarded amounts with your income.
  • If there are any budget deficits, you MUST explain what corrective actions you have taken (e.g. help from congregation, fundraisers, donations, applying for other grants, etc.)
  • You may view a sample by clicking on Income/Expense Report Sample.

Monitor/Guarantor Agreement

  • Required only for projects outside the U.S. The monitor must be a sister from a different congregation, a priest from the local area, or a lay employee of a well-established Catholic organization like Catholic Relief Services, Caritas, the Jesuit Volunteer Corps., etc. (The agreement form is required for those who have been invited to continue to STEP 2).
  • You may download this from from the Monitor & Translator page in eGrant or by clicking on Monitor/Guarantor Agreement.

Congregational Bank Info

  • International Wire Transfer (banks outside of the U.S.)
    • *Please be advised that $100 (US) will be deducted from your grant amount if you do not provide the correct banking information. This covers any bank charges and fees for returned wire transfers.
    • Make sure all banking information (Bank Name, Account Name, Account Number, SWIFT code, etc.) is correct before submitting your grant application.  Check with your bank for any wire transfer information needed such as US Correspondent Bank information, Sort Code and IBAN (up to 34 alphanumeric for most banks in Europe), CLABE (18 digits for banks in Mexico).
    • Account Name must be the name of your congregation. We do not wire funds to accounts of individuals. Any exceptions must be approved by HFS.
    • Account Holder’s Address must be completed (This should be the Address of the Congregation/Individual related to bank info provided; It is NOT the same as the Bank Address)
  • Domestic and Third Party Checks (banks within the U.S.)
    • Make sure to give correct Payee Name and Address where check should be sent.