Clean Water / Food and Agriculture

*(International projects only)


Chipole Farm produces food for the African Benedictine Sisters of St. Agnes Chipole and the people they serve, which includes poor students, orphans/vulnerable children, clients with HIV/AIDS, home-bound patients and hospital patients.  Any available produce and livestock is sold to generate income. In order to continue serving the poor, the Sisters grow additional acres of maize and mill the grain at their new milling plant. The grains are sold at local markets for additional income and to feed the people being served. The Sisters also charge user fees from local farmers who need to mill their maize. Some of the local maize is purchased to create a grain storage supply and to sell maize in bulk at larger markets, for greater profits.

In order to produce more grain, the Sisters requested a grant to purchase a new tractor to harvest the corn fields. The tractor is also available for rent by other farmers, which will generate income for the congregation.

By expanding the maize production, more jobs were created and there is now a stable market for local farmers to sell their maize.  In addition, the farmers will not have to carry their grains to a mill further away. The Sisters have increased revenue to help make their congregation independent and help to feed many people at the same time.