Alternative Energy


Solar panels are a great benefit for the Daughters of Charity healthcare center in Cameroon.  Solar energy provides lighting, which is critical for emergencies at night, and refrigeration to safely store vaccines and medicines.

The Sisters are committed to reaching out to those who are poor, abandoned and ill with health interventions because these people have few resources and lack access to health services. Despite government efforts, the health sector in Cameroon is insufficient, suffering from degradation of medical centers and hospitals, and lacking qualified competent health personnel.

The government does not embrace and support the concept of community health care. This puts the poor at a great disadvantage. There are growing numbers of patients without financial means to obtain quality, dignified health care. The high cost of medications and medical services in Cameroon literally places lives at risk for those who are poor.

Besides providing health assistance, the project includes education on health issues, emphasizes prevention and acting promptly to reduce emergencies, avoidable surgical operations, health complications and deaths. The sisters will find and monitor patients during home visits and help those that seek the sisters for support.