Zambia 2014

70% of people in Lusaka live in unplanned slums without basic services. Lusaka is one of the fastest growing cities in Southern Africa. Pop: 1.7 million+, Est. 1905

Kenya 2014

I went to Nairobi in January at the invitation of Sr. Jane Wakahiu, the Executive Director of ASEC and the SLDI program. Sr. Jane arranged time for me to speak to the group of leaders of member countries of ASEC and with each of the SLDI directors in each of the 8 countries.

Eastern Europe 2013

In October, Luna Capalla visited Romania, Albania, Poland and the Czech Republic. Her mission was to explore what the sisters in these countries are doing regarding human trafficking as well as visiting some of our own grantees’ sites.

Philippines 2013

The goal of my visit to the Philippines was two-fold. First and foremost, I was sent to attend the 16th AMOR Conference. The AMOR Conference, which the Fund for Sisters has been funding since 1994, takes place every four years and gathers around 80-100 Major Superiors from Asia-Oceania.

Haiti 2012

Haiti became the first black-led republic and the first independent nation in the Caribbean and Latin America when it overthrew French rule in 1804. Once known as the “Pearl of the Caribbean,” Haiti has become the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere after decades of poverty, environmental devastation, natural disasters, ill-conceived foreign policy, violence, instability,

Jamaica 2012

After visiting Haiti, I traveled west 100 miles across the Caribbean Sea to Jamaica for a little vacation. We had recently funded a few projects there, so I did some site visits during my trip.