Mexico 2015

Report of CRIM leadership conference by Faby Gomez, 2015. Faby Gomez and Sr. Marcia went to Mexico City later in November to attend the leadership conference (CRIM) there and to visit 2 projects we have funded. CRIM is a member of the larger Latin American conference, CLAR, which includes leadership conferences from 22 countries.

Haiti 2012

Haiti became the first black-led republic and the first independent nation in the Caribbean and Latin America when it overthrew French rule in 1804. Once known as the “Pearl of the Caribbean,” Haiti has become the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere after decades of poverty, environmental devastation, natural disasters, ill-conceived foreign policy, violence, instability,

Jamaica 2012

After visiting Haiti, I traveled west 100 miles across the Caribbean Sea to Jamaica for a little vacation. We had recently funded a few projects there, so I did some site visits during my trip.

Papua New Guinea 2005

On Saturday, March 19, I arrived in Brisbane, Australia and stayed with sisters from my congregation for two days before flying to Papua New Guinea. The sisters I met had not heard about the Hilton Fund for Sisters.
El Salvador 2004

El Salvador 2004

From June 19-28, 2004 Sr. Joyce Meyer, PBVM, Executive Director of the Conrad N. Hilton Fund for Sisters and Board member, Dr. Robert Buckley, visited El Salvador. During Sr. Joyce’s trip to El Salvador, she was able to witness first-hand how the country’s 12-year long civil war (1980-1992) and Hurricane Mitch (in October 1998) have
Cuba 2003

Cuba 2003

Dr. Robert Buckley, a member of the Committee for the Conrad N. Hilton Fund for Sisters, and I were able to travel to Cuba on the license given by the United States Treasury Department to the United States Bishops’ Conference. We bought visas to enter Cuba in Cancun, Mexico.