1. Funding requests for more than $15,000 will not be considered.

2. Funds are not granted to address needs internal to a particular congregation, such as:

  1. Formation programs, including both initial and ongoing programs
  2. Support of retired sisters
  3. Operation of a novitiate, motherhouse or retirement center
  4. Convent (sisters’ living quarters) construction or repairs
  5. Formal education of sisters

3. Funds are not granted for the following purposes:

  1. Major initial construction
  2. Renovation costs that exceed $15,000
  3. Purchase of vehicles (with the exception of motorbikes and ambulances, funding contribution not to exceed $15,000)
  4. Salaries (including sisters’ stipends, salaries of employees of the organization and/or project)

4. Funds are not granted to the following kinds of organizations or projects:

  1. Retreat centers
  2. Programs and schools that belong to dioceses or parishes in the United States or other countries with a Ranking of Very High or High (an index of greater than .7) on the United Nations Human Development Index.
  3. Well-established projects with large operating budgets (more than $2,000,000)
  4. Payment of tuition or school fees of specific students
  5. Repayment of incurred debts
  6. Contributions to endowments or capital campaigns
  7. Purchase of land or buildings

5. Limitations on grants:

  1. Grants are awarded for a period of ONE FULL YEAR. An individual sister or project is not eligible to begin the process of submitting a new proposal unless or until all documentation for a previous grant has been submitted and reviewed, and she has been informed that the file has been closed.
  2. An individual sister or project is eligible to receive no more than 3 grants within a period of 10 years. A subsequent application may not be submitted until after the completion of the 10th year.
  3. Grants are limited to one per congregation per country for each docket cycle.


If your organization has received a previous grant from the Fund for Sisters and you have already submitted the 12-month grant report, you may apply for another grant. Please understand that you must go through the same two-step grant process. The maximum number of grants your organization may receive is 3 grants within a 10-year period.

*Please note that salaries/stipends are not one of our funding priorities because they indicate the project is not self-sustainable: that is, the project requires salaries/stipends to continue, and without these, it could not be sustained and would need the support of the Fund for Sisters year after year. We prefer to support organizations whose goal includes self-reliance.